Inmost, a creepy adventure in pixel packaging, has been on my radar since last August and it looks like the developers, Hidden Layer Games, are ready to unveil it this year. They ecstatically took to Twitter today to express their excitement in the aftermath of Nintendo’s Indie Highlights presentation.

The second game to be featured by Nintendo from the indie developer Chucklefish, Inmost began with the ominous words “something is lurking in the shadows.” A chilling vibe permeates through the game’s three interconnected stories. The trailer keeps the plot as foggy as the background, but it does highlight three distinct heroes: a bearded man that confronts a spectral figure on a bridge, a sword-toting youth who springs towards the waiting jaws of a giant serpent, and home-bound figure weathering a storm.

Unfortunately, the announcement wasn’t very specific about the release date either, simply stating Inmost is coming to Switch first in 2019. Meaning PC gamers will have a slight wait before they get their hands on the game later in the year.

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