Kingdom Come: Deliverance DLC and News

Warhorse Studios has released a roadmap for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and it shows some big plans for this year. Kingdom Come debuted in February to mixed reviews, due in large part to game-breaking bugs, but it looks like the developers aren’t giving up on their dark horse title. The map shows four DLCS – three of which we can expect in 2018 – a hardcore mode, tournament, and modding support.

 DLC Breakdown: (Possible Spoilers)

From the Ashes – The first mile marker on the DLC road. I suspect the title is in reference to Henry’s hometown, Skalitz, which was put to the torch early on in the game. I would love to see Henry return home to rebuild; upgrading the walls, buying luxurious tapestries, and just generally ruling over the city as its new lordling. 

DrFusselpulli, Community Manager on Kingdom Come: Forum, answers questions regarding From the Ashes: “About From the Ashes & Hardcore Mode you will hear on E3”

The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Lord Capon – Perhaps I’ll have a chance to redeem my failed attempt at playing wingman for Capon in the base game. I don’t see stretching this into a satisfying DLC, though.

Band of Bastards – There’s a wide array of possibilities for this DLC. Could it be that Henry, the main protagonist and bastard to boot, is leading his own war company? Riding through the countryside, leading my merry men in a war against my parent’s killers sounds enthralling.

A Woman’s Lot – Coming in 2019, this DLC looks to focus on the formidable women in Kingdom Come. Those expecting delicate flowers and damsels in distress are sure to be disappointed.

Additional Content:

The combat in Kingdom Come is already pretty unforgiving. I shudder to think what a hardcore mode could be bringing to the table. No armor? Combos only? Rubber chicken instead of sword?

DrFusselpulli, Community Manager on Kingdom Come: Forum, answers questions regarding hardcore mode: “Several different balancing changes. And as far as I know you have to play this mode without HUD, but I can´t confirm yet.”

I’m more interested in the free tournament mode and would love to see a tournament Royale. A hundred knights all set loose on each other for noble sport, what could be better? Modding support, that’s what could be better. Especially if I can get in on the fun on my console.

The roadmap also teases some behind the scenes footage. “The Making of Kingdom Come” and “Combat Academy” both look worthy of checking out.

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